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Our History

An incredible story of a community helping us achieve our dreams after tragedy. 

When we started La Chica Loca, we could have never imagined in our wildest dreams the story we are about to tell you. We thank you our customers for the tale and the opportunity to serve you.

Chef and I started La Chica Loca with 1200 dollars on July 1, 2018. We rented a kitchen, paid permits, bought food, and I hit the streets with a bag of breakfast burritos. We believed that there was a market for a delicious breakfast option that's easy to eat on the go, and holds well for delivery. We were missing the spice of Colorado style green chili, and the convenience of a burrito.

People were slow to trust a random girl with an apron and a bag of burritos, but usually one bite is all it took. Over time I developed connections with local businesses that allowed us to stop by once a week and sell burritos to the staff, creating our Burrito Routes. We took delivery orders for businesses and became a popular meeting caterer. We partnered with a local coffee shop, and started showing up at morning street events with a little table, umbrella, and turkey roaster.

People quickly coined me "The Burrito Lady" and watching the reactions as people received their burritos was magnificent. These were more than just breakfast, they were real food, created by a chef, cooked by his protégé, and delivered with a grateful smile. There is nothing I love more than feeding people. It’s an expression of joy, you get to share. I love being Jefferson City's burrito lady. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.

Just as our business was picking up steam, the building next to our shared kitchen on High Street in downtown Jefferson City collapsed. Because our building shared a wall, a week later the city evicted us after the engineering reports deemed our building to be unsafe.

We searched the town for optional shared kitchen space and ultimately rented a food truck (actually concession trailer, but that just doesn't sound as cool.) in October 2018. This allowed us to grow from delivery and pop ups only, to burritos on demand. We were able to expand our offerings to include gluten free and low carb bowls, as well as a full menu of our most popular burritos we'd made thus far.

We survived the winter, as making burritos from 2 am to 10 am in zero below weather 5 to 6 days a week is a special kind of loca.

By Spring we had a large and loyal customer base. Word of how delicious our burritos are, had traveled far. Our regular customers became our family, and I loved being the hostess to a culinary journey involving eggs, tortillas, and dreams.
Chef quit his all-consuming Executive Chef job, and started working as a cook for a local hospital. It allowed him more time to help with the business, and became the main creator of our ever changing Burrito of the Week. His creativity and culinary genius has built our business from a concept to a brand.

Our customer base continued to grow, and we became a staple in Downtown Jefferson City on the Historic East Side. In the Spring we purchased the food truck, and made exactly two payments when the tornado tore through Jeff City the evening of May 22, 2019. May 23rd proved to show a completely different reality for us and the entire community.

The path of devastation was unfathomable. Those first few days were a blur. So many homes and businesses lost. So many friends pulling together to feed, house, and care for those affected. It was the most terrible and the most beautiful time I've ever experienced. Our food truck was in her path, along with our commissary kitchen and most of our equipment and supplies.
Starting out with nothing isn't easy. It takes a lot of hustle, a lot of gumption, a lot of worry, wondering how you're going to pay all your invoices. With each expansion comes more costs. It's a gamble, every day, every decision. Having no runway means you have to fly 24/7 to avoid the crash.
So when the tornado hit, we lost everything. We used the money in our bank accounts to pay off an equipment loan and outstanding debts.

Many of our customers reached out to us and asked us how they could help. We were flooded with calls of support and concern. Even so, when we launched our Kickstarter to rebuild La Chica, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for the support our family, friends, and community provided. Our goal was $15,000 and by the end of our campaign 137 backers pledged $15,941!

The successful Kickstarter allowed us to purchase a truck and we have been working hard to get it ready for Vehicle and Health Department Inspections.

In late October we had an amazing opportunity to rent a turn key brick and mortar, and plan to open at 306 E. High St. January 2020

Our Team

chef chili comp

Chef Greg Atkinson


Chef Greg Atkinson is a 25 year veteran of the industry. A Lincoln Alumn and graduate of Johnson and Wales Culinary School. Greg has held positions from Executive Chef to General Manager. Whether he is plating a dish for a nationally known publication, or for his best friend, the care he takes to assure delight is exemplary. His passion for the mechanics of flavor is obvious in every dish he creates. The combination of creativity, skill, experience and talent is what delivers La Chica from business to brand.

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Amanda Jensen


Amanda has everything from the director of marketing for a James Beard honored restaurant to body piercer on her resume. Yet she has rarely gone more than a year without working as a server. Her years of service in the restaurant industry, learning from the best, combined with a ton of unsolicited advice on cooking from Chef... She has developed a rounded skill set focused on delicious food delivered with a smile. She can't wait to stand in the restaurant, double tie the apron strings, and get to work.

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Jordan Morris


Jordan has been with La Chica since the beginning and has been an asset in growing our burrito routes. 

A talented Videographer, you can check out his work at Jordan Morris Films.


306 E. High St, Jefferson City, MO, 573-000-0000