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Special Thanks to the following people and businesses that backed our Kickstarter campaign.

Aaron and Connie Schmidt
Aaron D. Mealy
Adam Ford
Amanda Rudder and Aaron Miller
Amy Modrell-Miller
BeckaBoo Designs
Brian D Paul
Brittiany Galloway
Cameron Fischer
Campus Coworking Space
Casey Canfield
Cassie & Paul Laemmli
Chris Galloway
Chris Yarnell
Christie Vergely
Christopher Schappe
Dan Hood
Dan Kleinsorge
Dave and Leah
David Rickard
Denise McCorkle, ReMax Jefferson City
Diane Shahdadi
Dolgushin Stanislav
Ed Twehous
Emilea Edmondson
Gary Rackers
Graceful Healing Massage, LLC
Heather Shafer Howell
Heather Wagoner
Hilary Bainbridge
Humpy’s Bar and Grill
Janet M.
Jeni DeFeo`
Jessica DiGennaro
Jim and Julie Lundsted
John Miyasato
Josh Lippincott
JQ’s on High
Julie Bochat/Adrianne Talbert
Karen Simpson
Kate McCoy
Kathy Nelson
Katie Dettenwanger
Keith Feisel
Kelly Alli
Kerry Cordray
Laurel Dunwoody, Love2Nourish
Mary Beth Brunk
Mary R.
Morgan Bond
My Fair Ellie (Cassie Huckabay)
Nathan Hays
Oliver Bennett
Rhiannon Parks
Robert Relford III
Robin Lieneke, Simply Scrumptious Cakes & Catering, LLC
Samantha Rae
Serendipity Coffee & Tea
Stacia K
Stacia Rothove
Stephany Louk-Denney
Steve and Renée Davis
Steve Nelson
Suzanne Luther
Tao Weilundemo
Terri Bascom
The LePage Agency
The Mission
Tony & Jenny Smith
Trent and Amber Watson
Trevor Mulholland & Chris Dzurick

Rewards for our First Responders

We are so appreciative of your support for us, and for our Community. Below is a list of backers that donated their rewards to our Community First Responders! All tips given at our Kickstarter events were used to fund the Taco Parties! #JCSTRONG

The Mission – Taco Party for 25 – JCPD
JQ’s on High – Taco Party for 25 – JCPD
Humpy’s Bar and Grill – Taco Party for 25 – Russellville-Lohman Fire Protection District Auxiliary
Serendipity Coffee and Tea – 12 Pack of Burritos x 3 – Osage County EMS
Humpy’s Bar and Grill – 12 Pack of Burritos x 2 – Russellville-Lohman Fire Protection District Auxiliary
Love2Nourish - 12 Pack of Burritos
JQ’s on High
– 12 Pack of Burritos x 2 JCFD
Anonymous – 12 Pack of Burritos x 3
Amy Modrell-Miller – 6 Pack of Burritos
Hilary Bainbridge – 6 Pack of Burritos
Steve Nelson - 3 Pack of Burritos
Mary Beth Brunk – 3 Pack of Burritos
Janet M. – 3 Pack of Burritos
Aaron D. Mealy – 3 Pack of Burritos –
Graceful Healing Massage, LLC – 3 Pack of Burritos
Anonymous – 3 Pack of Burritos

Check out our Kickstarter!